Adizero Golf Shoes – What You Need to Know

Ecco and FJ are some of the most important brands in the world of golf shoes, but Adidas has also some high quality golf shoes out there. We are going to talk a little bit about some popular styles of Adizero golf shoes on the market.

Adizero Tour

When it comes to comfort, the Adizero Tour shoes for golf lovers are second to none. In fact, plenty of people say these pair of shoes are the most comfortable shoes they have ever worn in their lives, which is something amazing. One of the best things about these shoes is the fact that they have a low center in terms of gravity, which improves both ground feel and balance. In addition, they have the right level of grip you need to make things happen while playing golf like a pro.

Another thing we need to mention here is the fact that these shoes are made of the highest quality materials you may think of and they look great with shorts and pants. Their minimalist design make these shoes stand out from the crowd, and they also feature improved styling.

Adizero One

The Adizero One’s outsole features a higher base and the secondary traction you want to get a high level of performance. You will enjoy all the comfort that you can expect from these sort of shoes by Adidas – and their cushioning is second to none. Another important fact we need to mention about these shoes is that they are very good looking, and you will look awesome wearing these pair of shoes with shorts.

The Adizero One shoes is lighter and more comfortable than their Tour brothers, which is something that speaks for itself about the high quality of these pair of shoes. Buyers of the Adizero One golf shoes will find out that the fit they offer is in fact stable.

One of the best things about these pair of shoes is that they are so comfortable you might think there is nothing around your feet. You will love both the color and the fit these pair of shoes will provide you with, which is something awesome indeed. Golf players will find that these pair of shoes will help their swing in terms of support – they are also both stable and comfortable at the same time.

Adizero Sport

The Adizero Sport’s superior traction and comfort will make you think you are wearing a pair of sneakers, and their mesh upper will give you the breathable comfort you want. If you are going to spend a whole day on the beautiful green, these pair of shoes will offer you all the comfortable cushioning in the world. Golf players who need to improve their swings will find out the Adizero Sport golf shoes will help them get a lot of stability.

These pair of shoes are in fact light weight and comfortable. Besides been very good-looking shoes, you will be able to play on wet grass as they are waterproof – which is another awesome fact about them. These golf shoes will fit your shoes like running shoes, and their upper mesh will give them lots of breath right away.

People with wider feet will not had a hard time with these pair of golf shoes, since they are designed to fit the shoes of these sort of people very well. There is no need for you to replace spikes, which is a plus that you need to bear in mind about these pair of golf shoes.

We have been talking a little bit about some famous styles of Adidas golf shoes. These golf shoes are really comfortable and fit your feet the right way as well. The Adizero Tour golf shoes come with improved balance and ground feel, which make them ideal companions of golf players all over the world. The are also made of high quality materials, which means they will last for a long, long time.

The Adizero One golf shoes are ideal for those who want to improve their performance. The Adizero Sport golf shoes feature the superior traction you have been looking for. As you can see, the Adizero golf shoes are here to stay, because they feature both high levels of comfort and high qualify materials among other things.

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Men’s Discount Golf Shoes

Playing golf is among the most luxurious recreational activities enjoyed by both men and women. Aside from being prestigious, golf is quite popular for being a game of precision and accurate strategy. Before playing golf, however, you need to have the best equipment and tools at hand. There are a lot of considerations that you must make when finding the best materials for golf. Aside from choosing the type of club that best fits you, you must also find the right pair of rubber shoes which will not only provide comfort but will enhance your overall performance.

Finding the Best Golf Shoes

Sacrificing comfort for performance is not something you should do as a golf player. Although it is true that rigid shoes provide more stability and support, it does not mean that you should sacrifice your comfort. Today, with the creation of engineered footwear for golf, you no longer have to make unreasonable sacrifices. With all the technological and scientifically proven methods used in the manufacture of the best golf shoes, you can enjoy playing golf with maximum performance and enhanced comfort.

Top 3 Golf Shoes

Just like in soccer, basketball and other sports, golf players must wear no other shoes but golf shoes alone when in the field. If you are looking for a specific type of golf shoes, you can have an idea on which one to purchase by carefully examining the following top golf shoes recommended by experts and golf players.

1. Footjoy

For several decades, Footjoy has remained on top of the golf shoes market. Although a lot of competitive brands have tried to steal the throne from Footjoy, professional golfers were quite loyal and still continued to choose Footjoy over the rest. A lot of golfers recommend the use of Footjoy for the best quality performance it provides. While being in style, you can bring joy to your foot when you use a prime brand such as Footjoy.

2. Nike

Aside from being among the most popular brands in basketball, Nike is also quite popular in golf. In fact, the two best players in golf wear Nike golf shoes. Nike perfectly showcases amazing designs, high quality and long lasting comfort. With Nike shoes for golf, you can perform to the highest level with maximum stability.

3. Adidas

There is nothing that beats most renowned brands in the shoe industry when it comes to special types of shoes such as golf shoes. Aside from its overwhelming popularity, Adidas is loved by most athletes for being comfortable. With the breakthrough of their new product Adizero, Adidas has again made history in the golf industry. Adizero is a new product described as being so light, as if you’re wearing nothing at all.

Other Amazing Choices

You can also choose either of the following choices for the best golf experience:

1. Walter Genuin

If long lasting investment is what you are looking for, Walter Genuin is the best pair of shoes in the market. Being manufactured in Italy, Walter Genuin has long been known for its exquisite design and modern color combinations. It is among the few brands which has surpassed the standards and has kept its good reputation for several years. Walter Genuin is definitely a perfect combination of style, character and uniqueness.

2. Ecco

Another brand you’ve probably heard about is Ecco. Although Ecco has been on a top-of-the-line product for a long time, the popularity of the brand has peaked when the awesome Fred Couples wore a pair of Ecco shoes. Ecco is well-known not only for quality and durability but also for introducing an athletic-type design of shoes in the world of golf.

3. Puma

Puma golf footwear is among the brands which are gaining a lot of popularity these days. A lot of Puma users claim that it is highly comfortable and quite stylish. If you are up for an adventure in choosing the best golf footwear, Puma is also a very good consideration.

Discount Mens Golf Shoes

As expected, golf shoes are not offered with the same price as ordinary shoes. Since they are manufactured with utmost care and with the use of unique material, they can be quite costly. However, this shouldn’t stop you from buying the right golf footwear as you can avail of discounts for mens golf shoes and have the product of your dreams.

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Footjoy Contour Golf Shoes

Golf is a wonderful game that attracts millions of fans across the world. Individuals who emerge winners in any golf game get amazing prizes. Did you know that success in this game depends on the types of golf shoes that you wear? In that case, it is important to always wear high quality shoes before finding your way to the play area.

footjoy contour golf shoes are an award-winning golf shoes that every golfer should think about. The shoes possess all qualities that an ideal golf shoe should possess. They prolong FootJoys long tradition of producing unbeatable golf shoes. They assure better performances.

The name of this brand of shoes is suggestive. They are a contour series which features both men and women shoes. They have been endorsed by golfers of all levels in different parts of the world. Each shoe features a full grain leather upper – which makes it durable and natural. The materials that are used in making it also make it a water-proof product and that is why they come with a two-year water proof warranty.

The Sole

Since they are sports shoes, everyone is eager to learn something about what the soles of the shoes have to offer. They sole offers an amazing ground grip –thanks to FootJoy’s reactive comfort technology. The soles have soft spikes that use a 16-component radial design. The spikes enable the golfer to achieve balance during play. They are also vital in improving the effectiveness of one’s swings. The cleats can also be replaced when they wear out – thanks to the Fast Twist system.

The superiority of the product does not revolve around the sole and the upper only; there are several other features that make it a state-of-the art product. The following features work with the upper and the sole in order to make the shoe more advantageous.

  • These items have feather-like linings which makes them comfortable. When a golfer wears them, he/she will be sure to perform better since comfort will be achieved throughout the game.
  • They have an athletic slip last construction that use contoured stitching so as to make the shoes more study and fitting. They also give the shoe a solid platform.
  • The polyurethane Fit-Beds works together with the slip last constructions to make the shoes more study.
  • The ethyl vinyl acetate midsole aids in cushioning the arch of the foot thus providing it with extra support.
  • The thermoplastic urethane stability bridge aids in reducing torque.

In summary, we can say the footjoy contour golf shoes are a product of new technology. The manufacturer has the user in mind and that is why it has gone ahead to design a product that not only lasts long but also one that offers satisfaction during the game. All scenarios and happenings that can occur during the play have been considered and the shoe is bound to reduce the chances of getting injured during the play.

A keen fan of golf should realize that this game attracts old persons in most case. As we are all aware, old people are prone to injury especially when they are exercising and playing. The Footjoy Contour golf shoes are therefore designed to ensure that old persons who play golf are not subjected to any form of injuries which may stop them from furthering their play prospects.

What Do Existing And Past Users Say?

Before buying any product, it is always advisable to review the information that has been given by existing and past users of the product. From the reviews and opinions that are available in different review sites and online stores, it is apparent that the footjoy contour golf shoes offer satisfaction. Countless customers have endorsed and recommended them to any golf enthusiast. They exist in different sizes and a person will be sure to obtain the ideal size. Buyers are advised to buy the shoes from reputable vendors who sell quality products. Buying from recognized vendors will see a buyer enjoy benefits such as the water-proof warranty.

Other top golf shoes from FootJoy include:

  • FootJoy Men’s D.N.A. Golf Shoes – White/White
  • FootJoy Men’s Icon Golf Shoes – White/Bomber Taupe
  • FootJoy Men’s D.N.A. Golf Shoes – Black/gray

Indeed, Footjoy Contour golf shoes are amazing. They are must-have shoes for those who want to emerge successful in any golf tournament.

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Adidas Golf Shoes

Adidas golf shoes are among the popular brands of sporting shoes in the world today. To many people, Adidas is a popular sportswear and fashion brand. Perhaps, this can be attributed to the fact that Adidas is among the pioneer companies in the manufacture of sporting products and the quality of its products.

Adidas started as a humble company founded by two brothers Rudolf and Adolf Dassler. The brothers used manual-powered equipment at first because electricity was not available. However, the company has grown rapidly over the years. In addition to other sporting apparels, shoes are among the most popular products from this company. Golf shoes from Adidas are available in different styles and colors. This implies that you can easily find golf shoes that suit your needs from this company.


Golf shoes from Adidas boast of different footwear technologies. These technologies enhance their performance while ensuring comfort of the wearer. Among the technologies used by golf shoes from Adidas include the following:

  • Formotion: This entails the use of out-sole parts that have freely moving zones. Swings balance is improved by this technology while ensuring a natural feeling in the walks.
  • Torsion system: This technology involves the use of an arch in the footwear to enhance rear-foot and forefoot movements. It improves swings’ stability by enabling the foot to adapt in various environments in the field.
  • Traxion: This technology entails the use of secondary lungs that prevent slippage in different surfaces in the golf course.
  • Climacool: This golf shoes technology offers all-round ventilation ensuring that the foot is always dry and that the wearer is comfortable.
  • Climaproof: This involves the use of two layers of the shoe where one removes moisture that builds up in the shoe while the other is made of a material that is resistant to water.
  • Adiwear: This is a technology that is used by the out-sole of the shoe. It improves performance and durability. The non-marking rubber material enhances balance and consistency.
  • Adiprene: This feature is found under the shoe’s heel and it provides a lasting absorption impact for enhanced comfort. The fast-reactive response of this feature improves the overall footwork.

Adidas golf shoes are among the best sellers shoes collection in the market selling at a price ranging between $100 and $200. The most expensive of golf shoes from Adidas are the Spiked Adicross. They are available in the store website of this company as well as from other authorized distributors.

Available collection of golf shoes from Adidas

If you are looking for a quality pair of golf shoes, you may want to purchase shoes from this company. There is a wide range of golf shoes from Adidas that you can purchase online or from your local authorized distributor. They include the following:

  • Pure motion: This pair of golf shoes is made of breathable and lightweight materials that enhance flexibility and comfort. The shoes have an anatomical shape providing a natural fit to the wearer.
  • Adizero Tour: This pair of golf shoes is the lightest ten-cleated pair designed to reduce fatigue while playing for long hours. The light materials used in the manufacture of this pair include FitFOAM, PeBAX SPRINTFRAME and ClOUDFOAM.
  • Crossflex: This is an all-weather pair of golfing shoes. It uses Climaproof technology which makes it suitable for rainy days and lightweight EVA in the spike-less out-sole which enhances flexibility and cushioning.
  • Adipure motion: This golfing shoe use lightweight materials to ensure lesser fatigue. Stability is enhanced by its pattern.
  • Adicross II: This pair of golfing shoes uses advanced traction and adiWear technology to enhance stability, power and traction in the field.
  • Adicross tour: This shoe uses Puremotion Construction technology to improve stability by ensuring natural motion of the feet. CLOUDFOAM used in its manufacture provides a lasting comfort to the wearer.

When buying golfing shoes, it is important to purchase a pair that enables you to feel the surface or ground beneath the feet as well as the power that it adds to your swing. New designs, technologies and styles of the golf shoes from this company make them among the most preferred brands of golfing shoes by golfers from different parts of the world.

If you are looking for the best golfing shoes to invest in, consider buying Adidas golf shoes that suit your style and preference.

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Footjoy Ladies Golf Shoes

Among the key components to any good swing is solid footing. Due to this it is only natural that picking the right ladies golf shoes is crucial to any female’s game. The average player who does not use a cart will walk at least 4 to 5 miles each round and be on her feet for long hours. Owing to this, choosing the right fit is critical for any female golfer.

As a female golfer, if you are searching for the right golf footwear that will suit your needs, you will realize that there several varieties to select from. Several special choices of golf shoes such as the ECCO, Puma, Callaway as well as FootJoy ladies golf shoes among others may be on offer for you to purchase. While a certain category of consumers believe that picking the perfect shoes is quite an easy procedure, it is actually not as it may sound. Buyers need to take into consideration several factors including their individual requirements to ensure that they are able to ultimately obtain what’s ideal for them.

With FootJoy ladies golf shoes being one of the most popular brands today it is important to mention a few facts about this brand together with a few of its line of products. The company has had a good reputation since its establishment which took place many centuries ago. Up to date, FootJoy still enjoys the reputation of being one of the leading creators of sports footwear, socks, gloves as well as other accessories which can better a player’s performance on the field. FootJoy golf products have been well-received by many outstanding golfers globally. The following are the three latest and most popular collection of FootJoy ladies golf shoes;


DryJoys are among the least costly varieties of FootJoy line of footwear. They are at the top of the list in sales all across the globe today especially in the U.S. The manufacturer obviously employs the latest techniques and the most experienced craftsmen to construct these shoes. DryJoys are known for their out of the box comfort, classic golf colors/patterns and keeping the feet dry.


GreenJoys is another widespread collection of FootJoy golf shoes. For the money, GreenJoys golf shoes are among the most playable shoes you will ever find out there. They are very comfortable and come with easy to care synthetic uppers, cushioned as well as sponge rubber insoles. They are also characterized by a full instep with a slightly narrow heel, all these to improve the performance on the field.

FJ Superlites

Just like the name suggests, the FJ Superlites are not only lightweight but breathable, durable and versatile. This type of golf footwear can deliver a performance ultralight feel with sporty appeal. Crafted from Fine Tune Form (FTF), the outsole provides an amazing cushioning for maximum comfort and lightweight performance. Also, the anatomically shaped foot-beds provide improved cushioning in targeted areas of high impacted. In other words, the FJ Superlites not only possess comfort and performance features but safety as well.

As mentioned earlier on, there are other brands of womens golf shoes that can equally enhance performance on the field. The ECCO line of womens golf footwear can present everything when it comes to comfort, support, durability and versatility. Also they are affordable and readily available in many retail stores both online and locally. Their main rival ”Puma” has also been well-received by many outstanding golf players globally due to several benefits they can present to wearers.

However, the mere fact of knowing the right brands of golf shoes that are available out there does not guarantee the acquisition of the right shoes that can fit one’s needs. There are a number of factors that every buyer should take into account before making a purchase. One critical aspect that every buyer should consider is the type of sole. The best golf shoes like the ones mentioned above often have slight spikes which are quite practical in the game. The spikes help by giving a player a firm grip by holding on to the ground on the golf course.

Selecting the right material is also very important in purchasing the right golf shoes. Almost all varieties of good golf footwear are constructed of either leather or polyester. These materials are light, water resistant, comfortable and also durable. Buyers should avoid those that are made out of plastic as this material often becomes hot when exposed to the sun and can cause discomfort to the feet.

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